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61 months (2009)
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UE-funded research - (Progetti diversi)
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COGAIN (Communication by Gaze Interaction) integrates cutting-edge expertise on interface technologies for the benefit of users with disabilities. COGAIN focuses on improving the quality of life for those whise life is impaired by motor-control disorders, such as ALS or CP. COGAIN assistive technologies will empower the target group to communicate by using the capabilities they have and by offering compensation for capabilities that are deteriorating. The users will be able to use applications that help them to be in control of the environment, or achieve a completely new level of convenience and speed in gaze-based communication. Using the technology developed in the network, text can be created quickly by eye typing, and it can be rendered with the user's own voice. In addition to this, the network will provide entertainment applications for making the life of the users more enjoyable and more equal. COGAIN believes that assistive tecnnologies serve best by providing applications that are both empowering and fun to use. COGAIN aims at overcoming the tight coupling of hardware and software in current research and development work. Due to the fragmentation of the research activities, a given software system often works only with a particular eye-tracking device. The same applies for tools of analysing the efficiency and the usability that are tailored only for a particular set-up. COGAIN will work for the modularisation and standardisation that will integrate the existing pieces into a portfolio of compatible and usable tools and devices. The usability, comfort and take-up of the results will be ensured by the strong involvement of user communities in the project. Special activities are planned both for involving users in design and for spreading the results to those in need of the technology. COGAIN will also contribute to bringing down the price of eye-tracking technology of existing devices and by developing alternatives for everyday use at home and on the move.