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LIFE Minnow - Small fish, small streams, big challenges: conservation of endangered species in tributaries of the upper Po river

60 months (2027)
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UE-funded research - LIFE
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The project objective is to prevent the decline of six freshwatwer fishes of Annex II of Habitat Directive: Po brook lamprey (Lethenteron zanandreai), Southeuropean Nose (Protochondrostoma genei), Italian Nose (Chondrostoma soetta), Italian Loach (Sabanejewia larvata), (Telestes muticellus), Sculpin (Cottus gobio). T. muticellus evaluated in conservation status U1 Unfavourable- Inadequate and the other five as U2 Unfavourable-Bad. The specific objectives are restoration of longitudinal connectivity for 122 Km making currently fragmented by 16 barriers; Habitat improvement in 13 strategic points; Restocking of the population of five species thanks to fishfarm; Alien species control and reduction in 440 Km in the 20 Natura 2000 targeted sites in Piedmont Region in northern part of the Po river basin; Construction of a allochthonous biomass reuse trough an agreement with a pet food company. A wide approach of the stakeholders is foreseen both with active participation in the conservation actions (fishermen, volunteers, students, citizens), as well as involvement of local community to increase the value of natural resources through a Citizen Science approach. For the long term conservation of the species the project will draft and approve specific conservation measures; Guidelines for river continuity; will provide updated data to update the measures of the Po River Basin Management Plan of Water framework Directive. For the transferability and replicability of results the project will implement a network of stakeholders to replicate and transfer the results of the project by carrying out networking activities in Italy, Spain and France in areas that are facing similar threats for similar species. The project contributes to the LIFE work programme implementation applying the best practice considering on 20 Natura 2000 sites and other adjacent areas.



ERC sectors

LS8_4 - Biodiversity, conservation biology, conservation genetics, invasion biology


Total cost: € 5,461,317.00
Total contribution: € 3,276,789.86
PoliTo total cost: € 371,918.00
PoliTo contribution: € 223,150.00