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DENECOR - SP1-JTI-ENIAC-2012-3 - Energy Efficiency SP1-JTI-ENIAC-2012-4 - Health and the aging society

37 months (2016)
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UE-funded research - JTI ENIAC
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The primary aim of DeNeCor is to resolve this top issue such that electronic neuromodulation therapy becomes mainstream and full market potential can be obtained. We will increase acceptance by neurologists by demonstrating designed co-existency between therapy devices and diagnostic systems. The second aim of DeNeCor is to extrapolate the ‘bilateral’ agreements between AIMD and MRI manufactures in IEC/ISO 10974 to other diagnostic systems and the interaction between diagnostic systems, like EEG and UltraSound (US) and non-invasive electronics based neuromodulation therapies (paving the way for image guided neuromodulation therapy). Also in this case technical challenges have to be solved. In particular DeNeCor targets: • Focused spatial localization with a transcranial magnetic stimulator (TMS), which requires the design of a coil array with compact distributed power electronic modules and control electronics; • Arrays for neural sensing, invasive and non-invasive, based on new sensor arrays and packaging technology, with connection to modulation and rehabilitation devices. • Replacing piezo-electric US transducers by Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (CMUT) including 3D packaging, ASIC development and integration in an endoscopic system The third aim of DeNeCor is to develop test methods such that the development of therapy devices and diagnostic systems can be decoupled which increases the efficiency of the demonstrator developments and enables technical evolution of all systems at their own pace. In addition test methods are currently missing from the Technical Specification IEC/ISO 10974 and are essential for its transformation in to an international safety standard.



Total cost: € 23,975,306.00
Total contribution: € 4,214,404.15
PoliTo total cost: € 499,999.50
PoliTo contribution: € 250,000.00