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n/a - Performance Tradeoff Studies of Copropagating QKD and Classical Signals in WDM Optical Networks

11 months (2024)
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Non-EU international research
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Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) has emerged as a promising solution to address the challenges of post-quantum security. By harnessing the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, QKD aims to detect any potential eavesdroppers and provide secure communication channels. With over 20 years of development, this evolving technology has witnessed the implementation of various schemes and protocols in both discrete (DV) and continuous variable (CV) domains. Commercial QKD systems have been available since the late 2000s, marking significant milestones in the practical application of quantum cryptography. In this context, the project aims to explore the advancements and challenges surrounding CV-QKD technology, which is preferred over DV-QKD for its capability to encode quantum information on coherent states of light, eliminating the need for single-photon sources and detectors. These inherent characteristics enable CV-QKD to seamlessly integrate with existing coherent communication systems, making it the natural choice for a study focused on the coexistence of quantum and classical signals over modern networks. The project emphasizes the need for combined experimental and theoretical investigations and discusses the current state of research in QKD technology and its integration with classical communication systems.



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PE2_10 - Quantum optics and quantum information

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