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EASE-R3 - FoF.NMP.2013-8

37 months (2016)
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UE-funded research
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The current maintenance policies, including e.g. RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), can be generally useful in answering questions such as “how much maintenance should be done on this machine?” “How frequently should this part be replaced?” “How many spare parts should be kept in stock?” “How should the shutdown be scheduled?” It is generally accepted that the vast majority of maintenance models are aimed at answering efficiency questions, i.e. questions of the form “How can this particular machine be operated more efficiently?” and NOT effectiveness questions (the top 5 ones!), like: ? Q1: “How can reliability, repair and EOL be included in a robust and integrated Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model of the factory (to be used for decision making along factory life cycle)?” ? Q2: “Which are the most cost-effective and optimal Repair strategies we should tailor for sets of components/machines of the factory?” ? Q3: “Which machine and/or components should we improve and how can we reduce repair time and cost?” ? Q4: “Which are the most environmental-effective EOL strategies we should tailor for sets of components/machines of the factory?” ? Q5: “How can we assess the remaining life of Re-usable components and which are most valuable Renovation technologies for the machine tools?” the EASE-R3 project aims at developing a novel Integrated framework for a cost-effective and easy Repair, Renovation and Re-use of machine tools within modern Factory (machining shop floor), oriented both to SME and large OEM/end-users, and covering the entire life cycle of the system (from design stage throughout operative life).



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