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Lab4MEMS -LAB FAB for smart sensors and actuators MEMS

35 months (2013 - 2015)
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UE-funded research - JTI ENIAC
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Lab4MEMS will feature the Pilot Line for innovative technologies on advanced piezoelectric and magnetic materials, expected to fuel the next generation’s smart sensors and actuators based on MEMS: 1. Micro-actuators, micro-pumps, sensors and electrical power generators, integrated on silicon-based piezoelectric materials (PZT) • for use in Data Storage, Ink Jet, Health Care, Automotive and Energy Scavenging 2. Magnetic field sensors integrated on silicon-based Anisotropic Magneto Resistance (AMR) materials. • for use in consumer applications such as GPS positioning and mobile phones 3. Advanced packaging technologies and vertical interconnections (flip chip, Through Silicon Vias or Through Mold Vias) for full 3D integration. • For use in CONSUMER and HEALTHCARE application such as body area sensors and remote monitoring. Lab4MEMS will be promoted as an add-on to the current Manufacturing facilities located in each respective participating countries, aiming to implement and optimize the industrial processes and to validate the demonstrators suitable to penetrate the market. Potential impact: This pilot line will fit a new set of R&D equipments and tools for PZT and AMR, as part of a larger manufacturing facility already in place in Agrate Brianza (Italy) for high volume 3-axis MEMS accelerometers and gyroscope (i.e. >100M devices/month). This strategy will allow increasing and maintaining the know-how on those very strategic enabling technologies, combining scientific skills with the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of smart micro-nano systems on silicon. The Lab4MEMS Pilot Line will be based on 200 mm wafer scale (with a forward looking impact analysis for a future move to 300mm wafer) and it will process more than 600 wafers/week, once in operation.

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Total cost: € 28,496,405.00
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