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SmartCityPower - Dwelling in the smart city: The politics and (re)structuring of power in/through smart housing in India

36 months (2025)
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Non-EU international research
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The proposed research will investigate how smart housing developments engender new forms of governance and (re)consolidation of power in urban India with a special focus on Delhi. Locating smart housing within broader historical and geographical trajectories of urban and housing developments the proposed research will analyse entrenched and new geographies of socio, economic and political power, especially the recalibration of the federal state, in and through smart housing. Drawing on feminist and postcolonial urban studies, the proposed project will revise dominant understanding of smart housing developments as neoliberal capital accumulation sites to smart housing as a political terrain that produces specific housing outcomes and struggles in Indian cities.



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SH2_9 - Urban, regional and rural studies

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Obiettivo 11. Rendere le città e gli insediamenti umani inclusivi, sicuri, duraturi e sostenibili


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