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GENIUS - next-Generation driver-vEhicle interactioN: real-tIme mUltimodal take-over control System

30 months (2027)
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UE-funded research - HE - Excellent Science - MSCA
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In the midst of the automation revolution, the GENIUS project confronts a critical challenge, ensuring the seamless transition from autonomous to manual control, referred to as driver take-over control (TOC), within conditionally automated vehicles (CAD). As automation reshapes the transportation landscape, prioritizing safety during TOC is paramount. GENIUS introduces an innovative, real-time, multimodal interaction system tailored to optimize both the time and quality of TOC, leveraging biometric sensors to gauge driver readiness, awareness, and physiological status. This adaptable system dynamically adjusts TOC using interaction modalities while tailoring the experience to the unique characteristics of individual drivers. Beyond its immediate applications, GENIUS holds the potential to enhance TOC in higher levels of vehicle automation. Through the integration of advanced machine learning techniques and comprehensive experiments within a sophisticated driving simulator, GENIUS seeks to redefine TOC prediction in a wide range of real-world driving scenarios. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach, the project collaborates with experts in psychology and the automotive industry, ensuring a comprehensive and effective solution. GENIUS represents a significant leap forward in driver safety and experience in the age of automation, contributing to a safer and more efficient future on our roads.



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PE8_3 - Civil engineering, architecture, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment
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