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NEST - Spoke 2 - NEST - Network 4 Energy Sustainable Transition - Spoke 2

36 months (2025)
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PNRR – Mission 4
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Off-shore Renewables include many different energy sources that are abundant, natural, and clean, like wind, wave, tidal/current, and solar. Their exploitation in the Mediterranean area needs of important research efforts due to the characteristics of the area and boundary conditions. Natural resources offer also other forms of renewable energy that can be harvested for innovative applications. Geothermal energy at low, medium, and high enthalpy, offer further opportunities for energy conversion and storage. The general areas of activity are represented by: floating wind turbines suitable for the Mediterranean area, with breakthrough technologies on platform, turbine, and electric machine, and the integration with wave energy converters; digital tools to identify Mediterranean areas suitable for the development of renewable marine sources, taking into account authorization constraints, technologies, and the maintainability; multimethodological geophysical tools for the identification of geothermal resources; converters for the recovery of waste or environmental energy: to meet the energy needs of the sensors and telecommunication, magnetocaloric, magneto-elastic, water pressure recovery systems will be field of investigation.



ERC sectors

PE8_6 - Energy processes engineering
PE4_18 - Environment chemistry
PE3_8 - Magnetism and strongly correlated systems
PE7_2 - Electrical engineering: power components and/or systems
PE7_12 - Electrical energy production, distribution, application

Sustainable Development Goals

Obiettivo 7. Assicurare a tutti l’accesso a sistemi di energia economici, affidabili, sostenibili e moderni|Obiettivo 13. Promuovere azioni, a tutti i livelli, per combattere il cambiamento climatico*


Total cost: € 10,260,060.28
Total contribution: € 10,260,060.28
PoliTo total cost: € 1,064,986.08
PoliTo contribution: € 1,064,986.08

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