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NewSOC - FCH-02-6-2019

43 months (2023)
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UE-funded research - JTI - FCH
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The NewSOC project aims at significantly improving performance, durability, and cost competitiveness of solid oxide cells & stacks compared to state-of-the-art (SoA). In order to achieve these goals, NewSOC proposes twelve innovative concepts in the following areas: (i) structural optimisation and innovative architectures based on SoA materials, (ii) alternative materials, which allow for overcoming inherent challenges of SoA, (iii) innovative manufacturing to reduce critical raw materials and reduction of environmental footprint at improved performance & lifetime. The NewSOC project will validate the new cells & stacks at the level of large cells with > 50 cm2 active area and short-stacks in close collaboration with industry thereby moving the technology readiness level from 2 to 4. Six major European SOC manufacturers are part of the consortium, representing a large range of SOC concepts and product & market strategies. Industry partners will take the lead for providing a path how to increase the TRL level beyond the project period towards TRL of 6. The NewSOC project will evaluate the new SOC materials and fabrication processes according to life cycle impact and cost assessment.

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  • DTU - Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - Coordinator


Total cost: € 4,999,726.25
Total contribution: € 4,999,726.25
PoliTo total cost: € 279,375.00
PoliTo contribution: € 279,375.00