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NODES - Spoke 7 - Nord Ovest Digitale E Sostenibile - SECONDARY AGROINDUSTRY (Spoke 7)

36 months (2025)
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PNRR – Mission 4
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The general aim of the Spoke is to strongly contribute to the innovation and increase of the competitiveness of the agri-food processing system in North-Western Italy framed by the Po River and the Alps-Apennine Mountain range, where the food sector has an elevated level of specialization, specifically in the management and enhancement of agricultural and livestock resources. However, the strengthening of the food production system is needed (i) to face the new environmental and societal challenges, (ii) to contribute to the reposition of the North-Western economy in a period of accelerated transformation of production structures at every territorial level, and (iii) to maximize the positive impact on the society. The specific aims of the Spoke are: To increase the safety, quality, and healthiness of food productions To increase the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the food systems by the application of the circular economy principles To develop intelligent and interconnected systems to control and optimize the farming, breeding and smart processing To promote the entrepreneurial mindset development and competitiveness skills improvement To develop and promote a sustainable food education and culture able to increase the ecological thinking that can contribute to the adoption of sustainable lifestyles and consumption.



ERC sectors

PE7_11 - Components and systems for applications (in e.g. medicine, biology, environment)
PE7_3 - Simulation engineering and modelling

Sustainable Development Goals

Obiettivo 12. Garantire modelli sostenibili di produzione e di consumo|Obiettivo 15. Proteggere, ripristinare e favorire un uso sostenibile dell’ecosistema terrestre


Total cost: € 12,350,337.00
Total contribution: € 11,818,328.00
PoliTo total cost: € 2,827,268.00
PoliTo contribution: € 2,827,268.00

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