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55 months (2023)
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UE-funded research - H2020 - Excellent Science - Marie Curie
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The annual global Internet traffic will 127-fold increase from 2005 to 2021, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 24% from 2016 - 2021. In the context of such extraordinary traffic growth, we are proposing the Wideband Optical Networks (WON) European Training Network, to promote international, inter-sectorial and multi/inter-disciplinary research activities and career development. WON will train 14 early-stage researchers (ESRs) in the area of wideband optical networks through collaboration of 14 academic and industrial highly qualified institutions. Solutions identified within WON will enable to overcome a possible traffic-crunch by achieving a 10-fold increase in the usable optical bandwidth of single-mode fibres. Being highly multidisciplinary, WON will cover all topics and expertise from design and development of photonic components, novel digital signal processing algorithms and system modelling to network and control management. WON is a doctoral-level training network that will benefit of rich interactions between the academia and industry. Eight academic and six industrial partners from nine different European countries will constitute the consortium The ESRs will benefit from a comprehensive training programme featuring inter-sectorial and multidisciplinary technical courses, rich transferable skills training and international inter-sectorial secondments with a strong focus on industrial experience. WON ESRs will be capable of leading interdisciplinary research activities with unique expertise on designing physical-layer-aware wideband optical communication networks. In this context, the WON training networks will serve as a European platform for outstanding doctoral training in the field of ultra-high capacity next generation optical networks.



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