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Mon 19 Feb


Meeting to introduce the services supporting the research activity and career planning reserved for those who took up service from March 2023 and January 2024 as RTDAs or postdocs.

16.00 - Welcome. Politecnico di Torino and its strategies (Matteo Sonza Reorda - Vice Rector for Research)
16.20 - Research support services and contact details (Chiara Biglia - Head of the Career Center Division - RIMIN)
16.35 - Career planning in and beyond academia: services for early career researchers erica Maurelli - ED Career Advising - RIMIN)
16.50 - Rules of the game for the academic career:
- Structure, requirements, selection criteria
(Francesca Manfroni - Head of the Faculty and Recruitment Unit and Maria Cristina Michieli - Faculty and Recruitment Unit - PEPS)
- Research assessment (Antonella Marino - Head of the Strategic Planning, Assessment, Quality Assurance Division - PEPS)
17.10 - Services for the person (Marina Galati - ED Welcome - STUDI)
17.25 - Q&A

At the end there will be light refreshments, an opportunity of networking and learn more about the services presented, thanks also to the presence of information stands.

The meeting is promoted as part of the HR Strategy for Researchers (HR4RS) @POLITO initiative, which includes several actions to support the career development of women researchers, in line with the principles and values of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

You can ask for more info to Ms. Chiara Lauritano from the Career Center Department