Studying at Politecnico


Students (A.Y. 2022/23)

  • 38,700 total students
  • 5,946 first year students - A.Y. 2022/23
  • 740 students enrolled in 1st and 2nd level Specializing Master’s programmes, Lifelong Learning courses and training courses for businesses
  • 1,302 Ph.D candidates 
  • 61% students from outside Piemonte (41% italians from outside Piemonte, 20% international students)


Graduates 2021

  • 7,655 graduates
  • Bachelor's degree 4,046 (Average age 23,7)
  • Master's degree 3,609 (Average age 26)


Course Catalogue (A.Y. 2022/23)

  • 25 Bachelor's degree programmes (4 in Architecture, Design and Spatial Planning, 21 in Engineering and 1 Professional Bachelor's degree programme)
  • 36 Master's degree programmes (9 in Architecture and 27 in Engineering)
  • 35 educational paths taught completely in English
  • 32 1st and 2nd level Specializing Master’s programmes and Lifelong Learning courses
  • 18 Ph.D programmes, including 5 in cooperation with other universities (3) and research centres (2)
  • Percorso Intraprendenti - for Bachelor's students
  • Percorso Alta Scuola Politecnica for Master's students


Employment rate of PoliTO Master's graduates

(Almalaurea 2022 - def. Istat Work Force):

  • PoliTO graduates 89,5% - national average 75,7%
  • Engineering 91,1% - national average 91,7%
  • Architecture 76% - national average 60,4%

The job satisfaction rate is around 8 (scale 1-10)

Students satisfaction rate from the Almalaurea survey

The satisfaction rate of our Master's students for the degree programme amounts to 90,7%; 86,1% of our Master's graduates would enrol again at Politecnico di Torino, among them, 74,3% would enrol in the same degree programme, while 11,8% would choose another programme (*Source: Almalaurea 2021).

Soddisfazione complessiva degli studenti
Soddisfazione complessiva degli studenti

Students’ satisfaction rate based on the report of the Joint Committee for Teaching

The general satisfaction rate for the overall educational path has been around 81% in the latest years, without major changes during the pandemics.

In particular, more than 80% of students were satisfied with the interaction with the professors and with the university infrastructures (*Source: annual report of the Joint Committee for Teaching, 2019-2020).

Soddisfazione degli studenti, relazione annuale CPD 2021-2022
Soddisfazione degli studenti, relazione annuale CPD 2021-2022

In line with the data provided by Almalaurea, 89% of our graduates are satisfied with their study path. 91% of them belive that they have gained appropriate competencies, 71% thinks that such skills were enhanced by interdisciplinary activities, while 75% of graduates find that the international environment of the degree programme braodened thier minds for study and work.  

Ph.D programmes


80% of Ph.D candidates receive a scholarship
Ph.D. grants are 30% higher than national average
23% of Ph.D scholarships are funded by non-academic bodies
34 Ph.D. programmes offered in apprenticeship format

International Ph.D candidates

  • 20% of all Ph.D. candidates

Excellence of Ph.D students

  • 71% of Ph.D graduates scoring 105/110
  • 53% of Ph.D graduates scoring 110/110