As Politecnico since 2022, we have decided to join the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by proposing a series of events. Our commitment is to continue on this path!

3 DECEMBER - International Disability Day

The International Day of People with Disabilities - established in 1992 by Resolution No. 47/3 of the United Nations General Assembly - recognises and promotes the rights and welfare of persons with physical and mental disabilities and aims to raise awareness of the issues of disability, integration and the development of action plans to protect persons with disabilities, promoting their social integration and implementing the principle of equality and equity.

The European Union also established the European Day of People with Disabilities in July 1993, which is now celebrated on 3 December for the promotion, knowledge and development of a more equitable, accessible and just society for people with disabilities.

The Agenda ONU 2030 commits to ensure the empowerment of individuals at risk of vulnerability, with a focus on Inclusion, with the commitment to "leave no one behind", but also with the understanding to "reach out to those furthest behind first".

The United Nations currently estimates that there are about 650 million people with disabilities in the world, 3.1 million of whom live in Italy (corresponding to 5.2% of the Italian population).