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Unite! Alliance promotes a new project on European Joint Degree

An unprecedented collaboration will enable the University alliances Unite!Una Europa4EU+CHARM-EUEC2U and EU-CONEXUS to improve the process of developing joint degrees. Politecnico, together with other 50 partner Universities and with the precious involvement of National Ministries and accreditation/quality assurance agencies - MUR and ANVUR for what concerns Italy - will thus make bold steps towards realising the transformative potential of the Joint European Degree label.

The ED-AFFICHE consortium will gather institutions from a total of 22 countries across the EU. PoliTO and the other participating Universities have a long tradition of international collaboration and a strong track record in the development of joint programmes. Together, they represent a community of 2 million people: students, professionals and academic staff which will be actively empowered to take part in the project activities.

The aim is to gain further insights on nowadays most pressing challenges concerning the development of joint programmes and to initiate the exchange of best practices at European level. Over the course of one year, the partners will take a comprehensive look at the current state of joint programmes, conducting an in-depth mapping exercise on their extensive portfolio, and organising strategic activities both at national and European levels to facilitate an open dialogue between Universities and their legislators.

”The development of joint programs inside European University Alliances in general, and Unite! in particular, is likely going to be the key to build an attractive academic program for the students, and the effort conducted in this project, with the fundamental contribution and support of MUR and ANVUR, will constitute an important founding stone in that direction”, says prof. R. Zanino, Unite! Key Liaison Officer at PoliTo

The European Degree label is a unique vehicle for boosting transnational collaboration in European higher education more broadly: this will be crucial to positively impact the attractiveness and competitiveness of the European Higher Education sector on the world stage.


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