Bandiere Giappone e Italia

Together with Japan to generate social impact

"Japan and Italy seem distant, but in reality, they share many common issues, starting from the falling birth rate, environmental problems, and quality of life, just to name a few. Suppose we succeed in collaborating, opening the doors to dialogue and common work, which by now is expanding from technological disciplines to human and social ones. In that case, I am sure we will obtain important results", said Rector Guido Saracco commenting on the essential results in the perspective of collaboration obtained on the occasion of the institutional mission that accompanied the inauguration of the PoliTo Japan Hub in Kyoto.

Collaboration on social issues and on the impact that research can have if well addressed to the solution of the significant issues of contemporary times represents the key theme that unites all the meetings that followed during the visit, which touched two Kyoto universities and the nearby city of Kobe.

Precisely with the Kobe Design University, the Rector Saracco signed a collaboration agreement with the Senior Advisor Reiko Tanioka and, in the presence of a large delegation of representatives of all the Schools of the University, focused on the themes of design, architecture, and not only. On the occasion of the signing, Professor Michele Bonino, Scientific Director of the PoliTo Japan Hub, hoped for the possibility of starting joint work on the historic buildings of Kitano, a district inhabited by foreign merchants and diplomats since the port of Kobe was opened to international trade in 1868.

Several original buildings survive in Kitano today, visited by the University delegation consisting of the Rector, the Vice-Rector for internationalization David Chiaramonti, the contact person and on-site manager of the Japan Hub Michele Bonino and Edoardo Bruno, by the Director of the Japan Hub and professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology Giuseppe Pezzotti and by the PoliTo professor Mauro Volpiano. The visit was organized by Italian architect and Politecnico alumnus Jacopo Torrini, who has been working in Kobe for several years.

A second agreement was signed with Takashi Irisawa, President of Ryukoku University, a generalist private university founded in 1639 with almost 21,000 students. Even with a relatively low percentage of international students, the University is very interested in deepening exchanges with Politecnico di Torino, which have already been active for some years thanks to the work of professors Giancarlo Cotella and Magda Bolzoni, always to systematize the aspects of technology and the humanities. In this case, the collaboration will also focus on an already existing project of the University with the Shinkin Bank through its Question incubator, which plans to support entrepreneurial activities in rural areas and disadvantaged territories.

Finally, during the seminar organized for the inauguration of the Hub, an agreement was signed with Kansai Medical University to establish a joint doctorate on bioengineering topics, which will involve young Italian and Japanese researchers.