Federico Bella wins the Energy Storage Materials Young Scientist Award

Federico Bella, professor at the Department of Applied Science and Technology-DISAT

The Energy Storage Materials Young Scientist Award has been awarded for the first time to a professor at the Politecnico, Federico Bella. The award is given annually by a prestigious international journal to young scientists who have distinguished themselves for their cutting-edge studies in research on materials and devices for advanced energy storage and related energy conversion.

Federico Bella, professor at the Department of Applied Science and Technology-DISAT, received the award for his innovative studies on post-lithium batteries and electrochemical ammonia production, studies that adopt multivariate and sustainable chemistry-oriented approaches. Specifically, the jury recognized in Professor Bella's work innovative results focused on the development of sustainable materials to be used both in lithium or potassium-based rechargeable batteries, and on the production of ammonia as a chemical compound capable of storing energy.

Along with him, two other scientists were honored, Maher El-Kady of UCLA, in the United States, and Yaxiang Lu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in China. The scientific journal Energy Storage Materials, ranked among the top three in the world in the field of energy storage, selected the winners from a large pool of nominations related to multiple and diverse strategic areas, from supercapacitors to batteries, from hydrogen to energy systems integration.

Professor Bella has been able to boast the publication of more than 120 papers, numerous international awards, coordination of the ERC Starting Grant project (SuN2rise) and is head of Italy's first potassium battery research laboratory.

The awards ceremony was held at the 5th International Conference on Energy Storage Materials in Shenzhen (China) on April 13, 2024. Starting from that date, professor Bella also became a member of the editorial committee of the scientific journal Energy Storage Materials, as the only active Italian scientist of this panel.