"Building a Strong Online Researcher Profile": now live on the Nature Masterclasses platform

Having a strong online presence and visibility is essential to help you be found by other researchers and professionals, foster collaborations, learn of potential opportunities, and advance your career in many ways. Nature Masterclasses’ new course, Building a Strong Online Researcher Profile, will equip you with the essential skills to build and optimise your online profile and boost your visibility.

The course is made up of 5 bite-sized lessons of about 10-15 minutes for a total lenght of 1 hour of learning .
  • Understand the value of having a strong online researcher profile
  • Be familiar with the requirements of professionals who may look at your profile
  • Strategically choose the right platforms for your researcher profile
  • Generate great bios with the right keywords for your expertise
  • Boost the visibility of your work and experience
All staff with an account may register on the Nature Masterclasses platform. More information about available courses and how to register to the platform are available on this page.