Ideas 4 Italgas: NewGen Construction Site

The call, launched by Italgas and I3P, is aimed at seeking innovative solutions and technologies for the "NewGen Construction Site" and falls within the scope of "Ideas 4 Italgas," an open innovation program launched by the Italgas Group in 2020 to select the best startups and SMEs to support the digital transformation of networks and the sustainability of the Group's activities.

This call aims to explore existing innovations both domestically and internationally that can contribute to shaping the profile of sustainable construction sites. This initiative aims to accelerate the transition process towards a new way of building energy infrastructure and working safely on construction sites of the future.
The call is open to proposals from startups and SMEs offering innovative solutions and technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact, facilitating early detection of anomalies, and optimizing operational costs associated with construction activities. Italgas has identified five main areas of interest in this regard: gas network design, construction site monitoring and safety, new network construction, waste management, and infrastructure maintenance. Participation in the initiative is free, and applications can be submitted in either Italian or English.

Companies established in Italy or abroad, preferably with teams, resources, and assets dedicated to the project being proposed, as well as working groups composed of two or more individuals who are striving to develop technological innovations stemming from research activities, are eligible to respond to Italgas and I3P's call. Projects can be at various stages of development: from the conceptual stage to translating an idea into a prototype within the year, from having a prototype already developed and validated or awaiting validation in the market, to having a product/service already commercialized or about to be. Applications are open until May 6, 2024, on the website ideas4italgas, which also contains the full call for proposals. Subsequently, Italgas and I3P will evaluate the received proposals and announce the winning projects during a final event within the month of June.

The selected projects will have the opportunity to develop a Proof-of-Concept with Italgas, collaborating directly with the group to field-test their technological proposal and assess the feasibility of the presented use case. Additionally, teams chosen from the call will have free access to both mentorship and Italgas laboratories to explore how to integrate innovative projects into the group's processes. They will also have access to a six-month incubation program at I3P, providing strategic consultancy and entrepreneurial training to maximize startup growth.