Student Elections – Period 2023-2025

By Rectoral Decree no. 390 dated April 20th 2023 the Rector has called for student elections for the two-year period 2023-2025.

The elections will take place on 22-23-24-25 May 2023 online.

The elections are being called to elect the following student representatives:
a) list nominations - students (Academic Senate - student representatives -, the Board of Governors, the Evaluation Board, The Equality Committee, The Joint Committee on Teaching, the Regional Student Assembly for the Right to Higher Education and the Sports Committee);
b) list nominations and individual nominations (Study Courses, Collegi and Departmental Councils);
c) individual nominations of Phd students and postgraduate school students (Doctoral School, Academic Senate - Representative of PhD students, - The Equality Committee representative of doctoral students).

For further info please write to:
More info about the meeting of 15 May