Applications open for the new Challenges@PoliTo - second didactic period: March – June 2023

Applications are now open for the new Challenges@PoliTo, second didactic period March – June 2023: each Challenge involves up to 30 Master's degree students from all areas of the Politecnico (Engineering, Architecture, Design, Planning) divided into multidisciplinary teams to solve a challenge launched by a company (_By Firms format) or chosen by the Politecnico (_By Students format). The teams must work independently to find and design a solution to the challenge, with the support of specialized mentors and under the supervision of a teacher.

Challenge _By Firms
  • “Data-driven control strategies to enhance energy performance of HVAC systems in buildings”, _By ENERTECH;
  • “5S - Sustainable Solid State Switches for power Systems _By ENEL GRIDS;
  • “Become Passwordless” _By ARUBA;
  • “Demolition yards: Post-disaster recovery, reuse, reconstruction” _By ARCHLIVING;
  • “Renewable Energy Communities to enhance small villages” _By C2R.

Challenge _By Students
  • “Silver Economy: A new business opportunity” _By Politecnico.
How to apply

At the enrollment portal, in the " Online Services tab " section of your personal page.
You may apply for more than one Challenge, but you cannot give an order of preference.
If you are selected, you will only be able to participate in one Challenge.
By Students only: If you already have a team with a project related to the _By Students Challenge’s topic, you can apply with your team: a team member has to send an email to with name, surname, ID student and Master’s degree path of each team member. Multidisciplinarity is essential for the successful implementation of a project; the multidisciplinarity of existing teams will be assessed during the team training activity.

Students who have already applied

Students who have already applied during the summer for one of these six challenges and received the confirmation mail must not submit a new application. You are already enrolled.

Call closing

The application period closes on Monday 13th February at 1pm (CEST).
You will receive the outcome of your application by February 20.

Challenge start: Challenges will start on the first week of lesson of the second didactic period - February 27 (exact dates to be defined).


Each Challenge is worth 8 curricular or extra-curricular CFUs and has different characteristics.
Check your course of study: if you find the Challenge's teaching schedule, it will recognize the credits as curricular, otherwise they will be extra-curricular.
This activity does not have a grade, only passed/not passed.
Read the course syllabus, you will find all the indications on how a Challenge is run, its duration and commitment.

Challenge on your study load

At the end of the selection process, if you have been chosen to take part in a Challenge, the Office of Student Services will include the Challenge in your APSP.
Overcoming the Challenge allows the release of the Open Badge.

Sign up now, places are limited.
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