Thu 18 Apr
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Revolutionizing in vitro functional assays: Study network dynamics at single-cell resolution

The conference titled Revolutionizing in vitro functional assays: Study network dynamics at single-cell resolution will feature a presentation by Antonella Di Bello.
Antonella Di Bello obtained her PhD from the Università degli Studi di Pavia in Italy. She has specialized in the characterization of neuromuscular junctions at the molecular level. With a robust background in proteomics and nanotechnology, Antonella Di Bello currently serves as a Sales Representative at 3Brain AG.

Understanding network activity of excitable cells such as cardiac and nerve cells is crucial for studying complex physiological and pathological processes. However, current techniques struggle to capture network dynamics at the level of individual cells. This seminar introduces a new technology by 3Brain, called CorePlate™ which overcomes such issues. It consists of an intelligent plate that records network activity at single-cell resolution, empowering researchers to gain unprecedented, high-content functional insights from cell cultures, tissue slices, and organoids.
In this seminar, we will explore the following topics:
• Utilizing intelligent plates for recording electrical activity in neuronal and cardiac cultures.
• Investigating the application of our advanced 3D technology for recording activity from organoids, tissues, and spheroids.
The seminar is addressed to Master and PhD students, as well as academic staff and is held in presence.

For more information contact Antonella Di Bello at this email.

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3Brain is a Swiss-based company that first recorded cell activity using intelligent cell culture plates, enabling the production and development of CMOS technology to revolutionize scientific research.