Ten Questions to the Confidential Counsellor

The Equality Committee of the Politecnico promotes the initiative “Ten Questions to the Confidential Counsellor,” aimed to collect in a survey the doubts of our academic community on the complex subject of “harassment, violence and discrimination” and offer answers and clarifications from experts in the field. In this regard, we have developed an interface allowing an anonymous collection of questions you can freely write.

The data collected will be processed by the president of the Equality Committee, Prof. Tania Cerquitelli and the Confidential Counsellor, Lawyer Nicoletta Parvis. Text processing algorithms will select the top ten representative questions, and the answers provided by the Confidential Counsellor will be shared digitally, in Italian and English, in a brochure and presented during an event scheduled for April/May.

The questionnaire is available until 28 February 2024