Master Erasmus Densys - call for application

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree DENSYS is a collaborative two-year joint master degree programme with the goal to provide training in the inter-disciplinary fields of decentralised smart energy system. These systems play an increasing role in the perspective of a massive integration of the renewable energy sources into the energy system and the ongoing transition towards a low carbon society.

Decentralised smart energy systems (isolated villages, small cities, urban districts, rural areas connected or not to the electric grid) play an increasing role in the perspective of a transition towards a low carbon society and then of a massive integration of renewable energy sources within the global energy system.

Overall goals:
  • Educate top skilled engineers with multiphysics approaches, who will be able to design, size, optimize and operate decentralised smart energy systems, with skills and expertise in the mechanical, aeronautical, chemical and electrical engineering disciplines and a sufficient level of systemic overview, which enables analysing the complex interactions in energy systems;
  • Train future researchers (for both public and private sectors), as decentralized energy systems still require strong R&D investments, at the system scale (smart management), at the component scale (optimization of the lifespan, energy efficiency or density of the system’s components) and at the elementary mechanisms scale;
  • Offer a broad opening on the human and social sciences to enable the students in having a general understanding and a holistic view of the energy systems and finally working with specialists of other disciplines by addressing particularly some non-technical issues: impact in the territories, social acceptance, economical issues, new business models, the active role of the consumer/producer in the systems;
  • Provide to students an international network as well as a genuine European learning, an integrated multicultural and language experience.
A webinar will be held on Wednesday 8 December 2023 for for the applicants to DENSYS, and also for those who are still hesitating. This webinar will be a good opportunity to learn more about the program and how to prepare a successful application: join online at this link. Meanwhile, you can join the Discord server to ask your questions and chat with other applicants.

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree DENSYS is organized by Politecnico, Université de Lorraine, Royal Institute of Technology and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya