From 27 Sep
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4° International Conference on Interiors and Exhibit Design 2023, "Crossroads | Incroci"

The 4° International Conference on Interiors and Exhibit Design 2023, "Crossroads | Incroci", will be held from 27 to 29 September 2023 at the Aula Magna of the Lingotto. The Conference explores the disciplinary osmosis and intersection of various fields, places interior architecture as a hub between different knowledge, aesthetics and behaviours. The event focuses on the intersections between different disciplines, including design, technology, restoration, history, aesthetics, psychology, visual communication and artificial intelligence. The aim is to cross the traditional boundaries of disciplines to achieve innovative results.

A distinctive aspect of the conference, along with the theoretical and historical dimension of knowledge intersections, lies in best practices, understood as concrete examples that embody artistic and professional excellence and methodological innovation. This is part of a vision of Theory for Practice, seeing the Conference as an outpost to probe unexplored domains, aiming more at the spread of learning rather than the consolidation of traditional knowledge. To complete the framework, the conference emphasises the importance of the network of archives, promoting the connection of available archives and encouraging the organisation and sharing of existing or new generation archives. The conference is structured over three working days and a series of activities and side events aimed at intensifying communication and development of content that is most sensitive to the topic of interdisciplinary crossovers.

For more information contact convegnointerni.incroci@gmail.com