Fri 26 May
Seminars and Conferences

The urban climate dimension: urban heat island and microclimatic issues

On Friday 26 May 2023, the third event of the "educational event series" will be held, curated by Professor Giacomo Chiesa of the Politecnico in the framework of the EU H2020 project PRELUDE (Prescient building Operation utilising Real Time data for Energy Dynamic Optimisation).

The PRELUDE project - Prescient building Operation utilising Real-Time data for Energy Dynamic Optimization - aims at supporting advanced innovative, smart and low-cost solutions supporting intelligent buildings and proactive optimisation services. Among the others, the project pursues the minimisation of energy uses, the maximisation of self-consumption and renewable sources balance, and the improvement of comfort conditions supporting the maximisation of free-running building potentials. This event is the third of a series of lectures/conferences on smart building issues, climate-free-running building design, and operational solutions. It will present different approaches and experiences related to the urban climatic dimension, including urban physics theories, urban microclimate studies and methodologies, the impact of green infrastructures on the urban heat island, and the climate change dimension. The speakers are recognised academic experts in the topic.

  • 13,00: Giacomo Chiesa, Politecnico di Torino - Welcome and introduction to the educational event series to the Prelude project;
  • 13,15: Agnese Salvati, UPC - Urban microclimate and climate change impact on building thermal performance;
  • 13,45: Massimo Palme, USM - Green infrastructure for the Urban Heat Island mitigation in Mediterranean climates;
  • 14,15: Q&A session.