From 25 May
Seminars and Conferences

CrypTO Conference 2023

From 25 to 26 May 2023, the CrypTO Conference 2023 will be held - at the Energy Center of the Politecnico - organised by the Department of Mathematical Sciences "Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange" - DISMA of the Politecnico.


Cryptography plays an increasingly important role in modern society in order to have secure, confidential and certified communications as well as a basis for building new disruptive technologies such as blockchain. The conference is aimed at both researchers and students and aims to provide an overview of research activities concerning cryptography and its applications, involving both academic researchers and representatives from the world of companies operating in the sector.

Organisers: Gessica Alecci, Danilo Bazzanella, Laura Capuano, Antonio Di Scala, Guglielmo Morgari, Nadir Murru, Lea Terracini.

Admission to the conference is free of charge but reservation is required​.