From 29 Mar
Seminars and Conferences

Tech Collider - A Knowledge Share event

Between 29 and 31 March 2023, the "Tech Collider - A Knowledge Share event" will be held online: three days consisting of nine webinars with the aim of fostering the 'collision' between the public and business research fabric. The event will focus on projects that have obtained and benefited from funds from the PoC (Proof of Concept) Call for Proposals of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy in the context of the PNRR.
Numerous research teams have benefited from the PoC funds, allowing them to boost the maturity level of their patented inventions, launch new spin-offs, and raise their profile to attract industrial collaborators.

The main technology areas will be:
  • Healthcare & Biomedical,
  • Green Tech,
  • Renewable Energy Sources,
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Industry 4.0.
All the webinars will be presented in English.
Tech Collider and Knowledge Share platform are initiatives funded thanks to the Italy’s National Recovery Plan and Next Generation EU program.