Tue 31 Jan
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Integrated Sensors for Effective IOT Applications

Internet of things and artificial intelligence are two new paradigms that are redesigning the way industry is done today. For these approaches to be truly functional and to express their full potential, it is essential to be able to collect quality data in a direct and effective manner. The development of new classes of sensor is crucial. In IMEM CNR, an approach of integrating sensor into industrial materials has been pursued. Pressure sensor have created inside the carbon fiber composites, based on piezoelectric oxide nanostructure, capable of monitoring the loads of the structures without altering their structural properties. Furthermore, the direct functionalization of textile fiber has made it possible to obtain wearable biosensor, which monitor human sweat directive inside the clothing, evaluating the person’s dehydration conditions.

Another example is the functionalization of elastic polymeric sponges, with conductive polymer, which allows the realization of an active material, in which the compression is proportional to the modifications of its resistance, creating “softpressure sensors, which applied into a medica insole, allow to evaluate the pressure of the foot on the ground, or suitably designed, they can function as a soft artificial skin for robots. Thanks to the ability to create new active material, IMEM manufactures and characterizes innovative sensors in various industrial application fields with unique and innovative measurement characteristics.

  • Nicola Coppedè - Researcher at Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism of the CNR in Parma.