Massimiliano Granceri Bradaschia

Ph.D. in Urban And Regional Development , 32nd cycle (2016-2019)

Ph.D. obtained in 2020


Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Local Planning. Insights from Barcelona and Turin municipalities (Abstract)


Maurizio Tiepolo Claudia Cassatella


Research topic

Adattamento al cambio climatico e integrazione nella pianificazione locale a Barcellona e Torino

Research interests

Risk prevention and management
Urban and regional governance
Spatial planning


Massimiliano Granceri is an Urban and Environmental Planner since 2014 and officially chartered to the Planner Register of Turin. He has developed a diverse professional experience as a scholar and as a practitioner in Brazil, France, Spain, and Italy.
His Ph.D. thesis, titled "Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Mainstreaming into Local Planning. Insights from Barcelona and Turin municipalities" was developed at the Turin Polytechnic University and the University of Turin (Italy), with a research period abroad in Barcelona (Spain).
His research interests are on CCA, especially on its mainstreaming across sectors and scales. He is also interested in emergency planning and management for climate-related extreme events and to nature-based and water-sensitive approaches (e.g. Green-Blue Infrastructure, SuDS, WSUD). He has more than 10 years of experience in GIS-based analysis (using ArcGIS and Geomedia) and he collaborated for two years (2017-2029) with Ithaca as a GIS operator for disasters first-response mapping within the EU-Copernicus Emergency Management Service. He currently acts as a consultant for public administrations, universities, international organizations, foundations, and consortia. He aims to collaborate with i) local public government, ii) private companies, iii) universities, iv) donors, and funding organizations, supporting the improvement/update of their operative frameworks accordingly to CCA-related needs.
He has published in various magazines, books, and journals since 2012. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.


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