Francesca Matrone

Ph.D. in Urban And Regional Development , 33rd cycle (2017-2020)

Ph.D. obtained in 2021


Deep Semantic Segmentation of Built Heritage Point Clouds (Abstract)


Andrea Maria Lingua Marco Zerbinatti

Research presentation:



Research topic

Semantic segmentation of cultural heritage point clouds through Deep learning techniques

Research interests

Cultural heritage
Building information modelling


Graduated at the Polytechnic of Turin in Architecture, I then obtained a post-graduate diploma from the School of Specialization in Architectural Heritage and Landscape and I am now a PhD student in Urban and Regional Development, in the Topography and Geomatics field.
After working in some architectural and engineering firms, I have collaborated with the Higher Institute for Territorial System and Innovation (SiTI) to monitor some UNESCO sites.
The main research activities, in the field of metric 3D surveying (UAV, terrestrial laser scanner, RTK), are mainly aimed at the development of three-dimensional digital models (HBIM), with their consequent integration in the GIS environment, supporting the conservation, management, and maintenance of cultural heritage. Thanks to the doctoral thesis, I also approached the use of artificial intelligence techniques (Deep learning) for the semantic segmentation of point clouds of immovable cultural assets, thus supporting the future automatic recognition of architectural elements in object-oriented software and speeding up the digital reconstruction process of HBIM models.
During my university years, I also had some experiences abroad, including:
  • bachelor - LLP / Erasmus program in Turku, Finland (Turku University of Applied Sciences)
  • master's degree - thesis research in Göteborg, Sweden (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • doctorate - visiting period in Strasbourg, France (National Institute of Applied Sciences).

Awards and Honors

  • Riconoscimenti per revisore di Journal 2019-2020 (2021)
  • Attività "Esperto in classe" svolta all'interno della "Biennale della Tecnologia" 2020 (2021)
  • Collaborazioni in qualità di tutor o esercitatore nei vari corsi della didattica (triennale e magistrale) - totale di 164 ore. (2021)
  • Corsi tenuti per la SIFET (Società Italiana Fotogrammetria e Topografia) (2021)
  • Relazione invitata alla "Scuola di Paesaggio Emilio Sereni, 2019, XI edizione - Paesaggi dell'acqua" (2019)
  • Premio "Best paper" alla conferenza "Arqueològica 2.0 and GeoRes" con il contributo inerente la tesi di dottorato dal titolo "Transfer learning and performance enhancement techniques for deep semantic segmentation of built heritage point clouds" (2021)
  • Premio "Giovani autori". Contributo dal titolo "Modelli HBIM da nuvola di punti: la verifica metrica dei dati e la valutazione dei risultati" (2019)
  • Premio poster nella sessione "Unconventional positioning and mapping". Contributo dal titolo "SLAM e fotogrammetria per il rilievo multisensore dei beni culturali" (2019)
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Master of Science

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Bachelor of Science

  • Topografia. A.A. 2017/18, INGEGNERIA CIVILE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Topografia. A.A. 2018/19, INGEGNERIA CIVILE. Collaboratore del corso
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