What you will learn?

The Master’s degree in Cybersecurity is meant to prepare and provide adequate expertise and skills to professional cybersecurity engineers able to design, implement and manage the cybersecurity of complex information systems. 

The curriculum includes interdisciplinary courses belonging to the Masters’ degree in Computer Engineering (LM-32) and the Masters’degree in Cybersecurity (LM-66), needed to cover all the fundamental aspects of cybersecurity.

All the tracks share the first year of the curriculum, while starting from the second year the curriculum will be characterized by four tracks, each with its specialized courses. The four tracks will help the student in achieving the expertise and skills of the leading professional roles in the cybersecurity domain:
•    Cyber Analyst;
•    Cyber Designer;
•    Cryptography expert;
•    Cyber Legal and Compliance Officer. 

In particular, the knowledge and expertise derived from the four tracks can be divided into six learning areas:
•     Computer Science;
•    Cybersecurity Planning, Analysis, and investigation; 
•    Cybersecurity Prevention and Protection;  
•    Cryptography;
•    Legal and Regulatory;
•    Governance

The offered curriculum is one of the first applications of the curriculum proposed by the European Cybersecurity Organization. It is also aligned with the most relevant standard and international framework in the cybersecurity domain.

How will you learn it?

The Master’s degree program is English-taught to prepare you for a future career in international companies and research centers.

You will participate in face-to-face lectures, classroom practicals, and computer and experimental laboratories, including individual activities or group work. You will also be able to connect with private companies.