What you will learn

30% of the topic will be fundamentals, while almost 40% will be about computer science and 20% on electronics.

Study program

The degree programme combines basic engineering competencies with in-depth knowledge on the main features of information processing systems, for both hardware and software components.

In Year 1 you will study basic subjects (math, physics, chemistry, computer science) and complete your training with English language. During the second semester, you will attend your first specialized course in programming aimed at solving real problems.

The Year 2 you will take Information Engineering subjects such as electrical engineering, electronics, computer architecture, advanced programming, database design and management, complemented by mathematics and physics training.

During Year 3, you will focus more specifically on Computer Science Engineering, combined with electronics, automation and telecommunications. The application and in-depth aspects of information processing systems will therefore be highlighted by analyzing the theoretical and practical aspects of operating systems and computer network design.

How will you learn it?

The degree programme will be Italian-taught and English-taught. You will also able to choose single courses in English and attend part of them abroad, thanks to the Politong project in China and to SEC project involving American Universities.

You will be trained by lectures, guided exercises, simple projects, practice exercises and laboratory experiments. Additional activities will be independently carried out by each student or by work groups, under professors’ guidance.

You will also participate in practical computer lab activities, using computer (calculators) or electronic equipment (oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc.), conducting some first field experiments with the creation of prototypes, projects and simulations, testing your design and teamwork skills.

Additional advanced laboratories will teach you how to run the main operating systems (both proprietary and open-source) and widely used application software.

You will then complete your studies with a traineeship and other training activities offered by PoliTO or other organizations. Alternatively, you will be able to combine elective courses with training activities.

You will attend seminars and meeting days with companies operating in the sector where you will eventually choose to do an internship in your third year.