What you will learn

Mix di fundamental topics, cinema, media, social science, computer science and electronics

Study program

The degree programme lasts three years.

Year 1 is common to all engineering courses. You will take the core subjects (math, physics, chemistry, computer science) and study English. During the second semester, you will attend a first specialized course on cinema language, cinema history and techniques: a preparatory course for cinema and media subjects of the following years.

During Year 2, you will study computer science and electronics, plus digital representation techniques, media economics, cinema and performing languages.

In Year 3 you will study more in depth cinema and communication engineering, combining computer sciences with computer graphics, databases with web applications, telecommunications with social sciences, transmedia studies and communication law. 

You will also explore a variety of communication aspects: from the socioeconomic context to languages, from business issues to technological infrastructures, media and cinema formats, and user analysis techniques.

How will you learn it?

The degree programme is Italian-taught, but Year 1 is also available in English.

You will develop your project management skills attending theoretical classes, intensive workshops and field activities, where you will be asked to develop prototypes, projects, videos, tools and simulations. You will also improve your competencies thanks to a technologically advanced workshop on film production and postproduction.

You will improve your communication skills with guided exercises and simple projects, mostly developed within small workgroups aimed at fostering teamwork, project presentations and technical reporting skills.

During your last year, you will be able to do an internship choosing from among over 80 prestigious national and international partners, mostly from the media and computing environment.