Sara Paknezhad Panahi

Ph.D. candidate in Ingegneria Elettrica, Elettronica E Delle Comunicazioni , 39th cycle (2023-2026)
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (DET)



Research topic

Machine learning, Optimization, Metasurfaces, 5G, 6G, IoT


Research interests

Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Data Science
Communication and Computer Networks
Optical and Wireless Digital Transmissions Systems


I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering-Electronics and I received the Master degree in Communication Engineering-System, presenting the thesis "Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Placement to Provide Services in 5G Networks", with the aim of improving the efficiency of communication networks by using appropriate optimization methods.
I am a PhD student in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Polytechnic of Turin.
My current research activities focus on Metasurfaces and investigations of novel Machine Learning approaches to develop Computer-Aided Design and verification techniques to support development of smart reconfigurable and tunable electromagnetic Metasurfaces.