Marzia Quaglio

Associate Professor (L. 240)
Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT)

  • Member Academic Senate
  • Member University Regulations Team
  • Member Osservatorio permanente di Ateneo per il monitoraggio della filiera accademica


Research interests

Fuel cells
Microbial fuel cells
Proton exchange membrane electrolysis cell
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (pemfc)
Wearable sensors

Scientific branch

PHYS-03/A - Experimental Physics of Matter and Applications
(Area 0002 - Physical sciences)

Research topics

  • Design and optimization of hierarchical porous Laser-Induced Graphene catalyst layers from nanofiber of synthetic polymers for energy devices.
  • M. Quaglio has a well-established experience in the fabrication of nanostructured materials by electro-hydrodynamic techniques and their integration and optimization in microfluidic devices for the realization of systems for sensing and energy conversion. Since 2010, she has been working on energy conversion and recovery in electrochemical systems, for the valorization and storage of environmental energy. She has been particularly interested in the study and development of new nanostructured catalysts and electrodes, especially in the form of nanofibers. Since 2017, M. Quaglio has extended her scientific interest to fuel cell systems, focusing on microbial fuel cells. Such systems are bioelectrochemical type fuel cells, that is, they integrate in traditional devices anode functionalities performed by microbial consortia, with the possibility of interesting developments also in environmental sensing.


ERC sectors

PE4_8 - Electrochemistry, electrodialysis, microfluidics, sensors
PE3_4 - Electronic properties of materials, surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures
PE11_9 - Nanomaterials engineering, e.g. nanoparticles, nanoporous materials, 1D & 2D nanomaterials
PE3_5 - Physical properties of semiconductors and insulators
PE3_1 - Structure of solids, material growth and characterisation
PE4_4 - Surface science and nanostructures


Goal 3: Good health and well-being
Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
Goal 13: Climate action

Open badges

Other research or teaching roles outside Politecnico

  • Ricercatore a tempo det., presso Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT (1/6/2017-31/5/2019)
  • Ricercatore a tempo det., presso Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT (1/6/2012-31/5/2017)

Other titles

  • M2P - Mentori della didattica (progetto M2P del TLlab) (2022-2023)


Collegi of the PhD programmes

  • SCIENZA E TECNOLOGIA DEI MATERIALI, 2022/2023 (39. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • SCIENZA E TECNOLOGIA DEI MATERIALI, 2021/2022 (38. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO

Collegi of the degree programmes


Master of Science

MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Bachelor of Science

  • Fisica I. A.A. 2024/25, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Titolare del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2023/24, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Titolare del corso
  • Physics I. A.A. 2022/23, INGEGNERIA DELL'AUTOVEICOLO (AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING). Collaboratore del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2022/23, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Titolare del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2021/22, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Titolare del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2020/21, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Titolare del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2019/20, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Titolare del corso
  • Physics II. A.A. 2018/19, INGEGNERIA FISICA. Collaboratore del corso
MostraNascondi A.A. passati



Research projects

Projects funded by competitive calls

Supervised PhD students

  • Thi Nhung Vu. Programme in Scienza E Tecnologia Dei Materiali (39th cycle, 2023-in progress)
  • Tommaso Serra. Programme in Fisica (37th cycle, 2022-in progress)
  • Giacomo Spisni. Programme in Fisica (37th cycle, 2021-in progress)
  • Alice Massimiani. Programme in Ingegneria Civile E Ambientale (36th cycle, 2020-in progress)
    Thesis: Development of procedures, devices, and experimental setup for a microfluidic investigation of Underground Hydrogen Storage


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