Jessica Maria Chicco

Assistant Professor (Unito)
Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST)


Research interests

Applied geology
District heating and cooling
Geotechnical engineering and engineering geology
Geothermal energy
Geothermal heat pumps
Geothermal heating
Renewable energy
Underground thermal energy storage


Jessica Maria Chicco, was born in Fossano (CN) in April 16, 1984. She obtained the Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science at the Department of Earth Science of the University of Turin (Italy) in 2007; in 2011, she got the Master’s degree in Geological Sciences with a main focus on “Geological materials and georesources”, at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Pisa (Italy). In 2016, she obtained the title of Doctor of philosophy (PhD) with a thesis entitled “The role of hydrogeological conditions and thermo-physical properties on the evaluation of the geothermal exchange potential: an application in Marche region (Italy)”. In the two years following she got two teaching assignments at two high schools; in the meantime, she won two research grants at the Department of Earth Science of the University of Turin (Italy), focusing her activity on the low enthalpy geothermal energy research field. Actually, she is a Researcher Assistant Professor at the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST), University of Turin. Her research activity is mainly focused on the geothermal energy for thermal energy production, as well as on the underground energy storage systems (UTES) in district heating and cooling networks (DHC). From 2019, she is part of the Geothermal DHC Cost Action (CA18219) as deputy coordinator of the working group 1 about “Technology”. From October, 2022 she is involved in the European project “SAPHEA” funded by Horizon Europe. The project addresses the integration of geothermal energy into multivalent decarbonized district heating and cooling (DHC) networks operating at temperature levels between less than 30°C (5th generation DHC) and approximately 100°C (3rd generation DHC). Among other activities, Jessica Maria Chicco got the license to practice as geologist, and she is enrolled in the Register of Geologists of the Piedmont Region. In June, 2021 she was nominated Counsellor of the same Register.


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ERC sectors

PE8_11 - Environmental engineering, e.g. sustainable design, waste and water treatment, recycling, regeneration or recovery of compounds, carbon capture & storage
PE10_17 - Hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering and environmental geology, water and soil pollution


Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities


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