Francesco Stranieri

Ph.D. candidate in Intelligenza Artificiale , 37th cycle (2021-2024)
Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN)

Student, Education and International Affairs (STUDI)



Research topic

Subsymbolic Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0


  • Fabio Antonio Stella

Research interests

Supply chain logistics
Decision support systems in industry


Awards and Honors

  • The Rotary International "Dr. Gabriele Corbelli Scholarship" (2023 - 2024 edition) amounting to €6,000 for young Italian researchers to pursue research projects abroad. (2024)
  • The 2nd prize in the "Green Technologies and Applications" for having presented a poster entitled ''Performance of Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in Two-Echelon Inventory Control Systems'' in the Best Student Research "Video & Poster Competition" at IEEE EUROCON 2023 Conference. (2023)
  • A $150 award for having presented a poster entitled ''A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach to Supply Chain Inventory Management'' at the 2nd edition of the Mediterranean Machine Learning (M2L) School. (2022)


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