Erica Bertozzi

Ph.D. candidate in Ingegneria Civile E Ambientale , 38th cycle (2022-2025)
Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering (DIATI)



Research topic

Membrane processes for wastewater reuse & circular economy in industry,focusing on resource recovery


Research presentation


Research interests

Water Engineering


I, Erica Bertozzi, obtained the Laurea Triennale (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies from Università degli Studi di Torino (UniTO) in December 2019 and the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) from the same university in April 2022. In June 2023, with a thesis on the anthropological impact of European projects for water management in Lake Victoria, I earned a certification of Alta Qualificazione (equivalent to a Second Level Master’s Degree) from Scuola di Studi Superiori “Ferdinando Rossi” of Turin (SSST), an institution recognized for excellence and higher education in University Studies.
During the Master’s, supervised by Prof. Paola Calza (UniTO) and co-supervised by Vittorio Boffa (Aalborg University), my research focused on the combined effect of nanofiltration and advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment. Specifically, the work involved synthesizing solar photoactive zinc-oxide materials and developing photocatalytic membranes targeting the removal of emerging contaminants within the nanofiltration step.
Starting from November 2021, I'm a 38th cycle Ph.D. student in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Torino under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Tiraferri. The PhD research centers on exploiting membrane processes for wastewater reuse and implementing circular economy practices in industry, with a specific focus on the recovery of valuable compounds and resources.

Awards and Honors

  • Winner of the Best Poster Award at the 3rd International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Innovating Membrane Operations in Desalination and Water Reuse (MD-Sorrento2023) with a work titled “Concentration and recovery of phycocyanin and caffeine from aqueous solutions with osmotically-assisted membrane distillation“ (2024)



Bachelor of Science


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