Davide Miola

Ph.D. candidate in Ingegneria Informatica E Dei Sistemi , 39th cycle (2023-2026)
Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN)



Research topic

Next generation software for data center networking


Research interests

Parallel and distributed systems, Quantum computing
Software engineering and Mobile computing


PhD student at Politecnico di Torino since November 2023 in Computer Engineering, though my specific research area is focused on the field of next generation software technologies for data center networks. Among my main interests regarding this topic are low level software architectures of the Linux kernel's network stack (along with related technologies such as eBPF), data plane acceleration/offloading solutions, and data center-specific paradigms such as cloud-native software development. My current commitment is in maintaining and improving Netto (https://github.com/miolad/netto): an open source Linux diagnostic tool which attempts to measure the real time CPU consumption of the various components of the kernel's network stack by intelligently utilizing the powerful eBPF tracing primitives while ensuring that the instrumentation overhead remains under control.

Although my PhD program is centered around studying and improving computer networks performance, I've always been interested by the world of rendering and computer graphics, which made me approach the IT field in the first place. Throughout the years, I have cultivated this passion by playing around with several graphics APIs, such as OpenGL, WebGPU and Vulkan, but I also appreciate offline image generation software and programming, as I often find myself writing a path tracer in a new language or technology for fun.

Apart from computer-related concerns, one of my main passions is music, which I love listening to and playing on guitar, which I've been learning for many years.


Research groups