Vittorio Fra

Fixed-term assistant professor
Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST)

  • Member of Interdepartmental Center PIC4SeR - PoliTO Interdepartmental Centre for Service Robotics


Research interests

Artificial intelligence
Brain-inspired computing
Edge computing
Internet of things
Memristive devices
Neuromorphic computing

Research topics

  • AI and neuromorphic computing solutions for industrial and IoT applications


ERC sectors

PE7_4 - (Micro- and nano-) systems engineering
PE6_7 - Artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, natural language processing
PE6_13 - Bioinformatics, bio-inspired computing, and natural computing
PE4_17 - Characterisation methods of materials
PE3_4 - Electronic properties of materials, surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures
PE6_11 - Machine learning, statistical data processing and applications using signal processing (e.g. speech, image, video)
PE11_9 - Nanomaterials engineering, e.g. nanoparticles, nanoporous materials, 1D & 2D nanomaterials
PE3_10 - Nanophysics, e.g. nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanomagnetism, nanoelectromechanics
PE7_8 - Networks, e.g. communication networks and nodes, Internet of Things, sensor networks, networks of robots
PE3_5 - Physical properties of semiconductors and insulators
PE6_12 - Scientific computing, simulation and modelling tools
PE3_1 - Structure of solids, material growth and characterisation
PE5_4 - Thin films


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Other titles

  • Abilitazione all'esercizio della professione di Ingegnere dell'Informazione - Sezione A (2018-)


Collegi of the degree programmes



MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Master of Science

MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Bachelor of Science

  • Informatica. A.A. 2024/25, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Informatica. A.A. 2023/24, INGEGNERIA GESTIONALE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2021/22, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2020/21, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Fisica I. A.A. 2019/20, INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE. Collaboratore del corso
MostraNascondi A.A. passati


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