Mariapaola Vozzola

Assistant Professor with time contract
Department of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering (DISEG)

  • Member of Interdepartmental Center R3C - Responsible Risk Resilience Centre


Research interests

0_disegno per l'ingegneria delle costruzioni e dell'ambiente
1_rilievo territoriale, urbano, architettonico e ambientale
2_sistemi informativi territoriali, urbani e ambientali (geodatabase)
3_modellazione digitale informativa (bim, cim, ...)
4_rappresentazione dei dati e informazione grafica
5_strumenti per il rilievo e la lettura della rigenerazione urbana e sociale

Scientific branch

(Area 0008 - Civil engineering and architecture)


ERC sectors

PE8_3 - Civil engineering, architecture, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment
SH5_12 - Computational modelling and digitisation in the cultural sphere
PE6_8 - Computer graphics, computer vision, multi media, computer games
SH5_8 - Cultural studies, cultural identities and memories, cultural heritage
PE8_11 - Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design)
SH5_4 - Visual and performing arts, film, design and architecture
PE6_10 - Web and information systems, database systems, information retrieval and digital libraries, data fusion


Goal 3: Good health and well-being
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 13: Climate action
Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

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