Studenti e studentesse di origini diverse

Unite! for cultural diversity

As part of the Unite! community, all members meet people from different parts of Europe and beyond. Even more so, the Alliance facilitates the intercultural environments to actively work with people from different backgrounds, as this is the approach at the very core of the foundation of Unite!.

Given the rising need of awareness, training and an open minded approach to cultural diversity, the Alliance will thus provide all its staff with both the setting and the tools needed to develop global competence in this sense.

Unite!’s Multilingual and Multicultural Training Center helps students, faculty and staff by offering dedicated services and activities. Here follow a few examples: 

  • Autumn series of the Unite! virtual language and global competence courses: Unite! students can access the new autumn offer of online language courses, communication and global skills offered by Unite! member universities
  • Unite! Language Tandems: The Language Tandems are a peer-to-peer experience to acquire insights on each other's countries and cultures and to improve language skills in an informal way. Students are invited to join the language tandem programme and share their language and culture with others.
  • Unite! Mentoring: Unite! aims to provide all newly arrived international students with a high quality welcome in addition to the university's welcome services. It’s a program based on the peer support methodology, combines different partners’ programs and it's designed to help the integration of new students that participate in mobility programs between partners of Unite! 

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