Project examples

Interdisciplinary projects

During the course “Interdisciplinary projects”, you will work with your classmates to solve real-world problems, to broaden your knowledge, to improve communication and interpersonal/social skills, to enhance your leadership skills, to increase your creativity, and to improve writing and communication skills.

Below, you can find some examples of past projects.

Smart Irrigation

Students developed IoT sensors, actuator solutions, and communication systems for greenhouse irrigation and open field irrigation.

Screenshot gait analysis project

Gait Analysis

Students engineered a tool that automatically performs the Tinetti test based on sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes) placed on the body.

Description of car sharing project

Car Sharing Monitoring System

The students designed and implemented a platform that collects, stores, and allows the user to visualize data about available cars offered by different car sharing companies. The project is made of three main modules: 

  1. Data collector – a module that scrapes the car sharing websites collecting information about available cars.
  2. Data storage – a big data repository based on NoSQL technologies (e.g., MongoDB) to store data.
  3. A visualization module that implements views on the DB to display on web pages information about the car sharing status, e.g., available car in a given time in a given city, car availability evolution over time, statistics about duration of rentals like duration, fuel consumption, etc.

Key performance indicators

The system extracts and visualizes analytics related to the transport system considered.

Key performance indicators
Screenshot app Parkinson

Mobile application for Parkinson disease

Students developed a mobile application to analyze the voice of a person affected by Parkinson. Rating is based on a medical score called Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) can be assigned using also the voice signal. It should denote the stage of the disease. disease and give him/her a score.
The mobile application:

  1. asks the patient to generate given sounds
  2. records patient voice
  3. analyzes the voice and gives the score

The system is made of the mobile app for the user and a web application for the management and interpretation of the collected data.

IoT Programming Projects

In the Programming for IoT applications course, you learn how to program in Python, how to use IoT platforms, how to implement small IoT solutions.

For the exams, you have to implement a possible solution, working in groups of 4-5 students. At the end, you will prepare a short video to motivate the project and solution, and to show how you implemented it. All videos are loaded on YouTube, where you can check the playlist and see what students did in past years.

Below some examples of past projects. Check the resulting videos here