After graduation

Your career as an Engineer in ICT for Smart societies starts here. You will be able to find a job in top competitive companies, high-level industrial or public research centres and choose between a variety of career fields:

  • Design and development of ICT devices and services - for applications such as cloud computing, big-data analysis, telemedicine, energy distribution, home automation and environmental protection;
  • Research and development - for ICT equipment manufacturers, utility companies that manage energy supply networks, information distribution networks, transportation systems, companies operating in the health and environmental sectors as well as universities and public research centres;
  • ICT consultant  - for companies, government agencies and other organizations that work in energy, transportation, health, home automation, environmental protection, and in many other sectors. 

Projects based on the exploitation of ICT technologies to create smarter societies are widespread and ICT jobs are increasingly required also in non-ICT sectors. According to official Almalaurea stats, 94.1% of ICT4SS students is employed in the first year after graduation.  

The professors and research groups contributing to the ICT4SS degree are actively involved in both national and international collaborations with top level companies. These networks are beneficial to students, who can find a lot of opportunities for internships and master thesis in companies.