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CLEU - The cleantech industry in the European Green Deal: policy challenges and the finance landscape for SMEs

36 mesi (2022 - 2025)
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Ricerca Internazionale non UE
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ALTRI ENTI EUROPEI (European Investment Bank)
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The project ‘The cleantech industry in the EU Green Deal: policy challenges and the finance land-scape for SMEs (CLEU) aims to: i) analyse the actions that are undertaken by European cleantech firms to engage in transformative climate and innovation actions to align with the European Green Deal-inspired policies; ii) examine the association of the environmental innovation and the num-ber of new investments made by venture capital (VC) investors in cleantech companies on envi-ronmental indicators; iii) analyse the enabling factors for the development of European cleantech firms, with a focus on EU-level and country-level targeted policies and regulations and the differ-ent sources of financing; iv) analyse the extent to which the implementation of policies and regu-lations affect both the propensity of cleantech firms to seek external equity financing and the eq-uity offer by VC funds. Specific attention will be devoted to developing a robust and fully replicable methodology to identify cleantech companies in Europe, given the shortcomings of the existing classification methods (e.g., NACE industrial classification, EU taxonomy of sustainable investments). The results stemming from such research activities will lead to the definition of a set of policy recommendations. With the aim to disseminate the new knowledge generated through the research activities, the research teams will organize a series of training and dissemination activities over the three-year course of the project.

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SH1_12 - Agricultural economics; energy economics; environmental economics
SH2_6 - Sustainability sciences, environment and resources
SH1_11 - Technological change, innovation, research & development
SH1_4 - Financial economics; banking; corporate finance; international finance; accounting; auditing; insurance

Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile (Sustainable Development Goals)

Obiettivo 7. Assicurare a tutti l’accesso a sistemi di energia economici, affidabili, sostenibili e moderni|Obiettivo 13. Promuovere azioni, a tutti i livelli, per combattere il cambiamento climatico*


Costo totale progetto: € 300.000,00
Contributo totale progetto: € 300.000,00
Costo totale PoliTo: € 130.000,00
Contributo PoliTo: € 130.000,00