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AMable - AdditiveManufacturABLE

49 mesi (2017 - 2021)
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Ricerca UE - H2020 - Cross-cutting activities - IND
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EU SMEs/mid-caps face clear barriers in the uptake of Additive Manufacturing (AM) related to lack of skilled human resources, and lack of access to know-how, equipment, infrastructure and markets. The principal objective of this project is to overcome those barriers and enable the uptake of AM technologies by SMEs/mid-caps leading to the development of innovative business and service models and new value-chain models in a fully digital environment thus bringing their ideas and business cases to life and making their innovations Additively Manufacturable (AMable). To achieve this objective, partners with expertise right across the AM value chain have been brought together from the four corners of the EU to: - create an open-sourced-based, living and adapting AM eco-system which can offer required assistance to European SMEs/mid-caps and become self-sustainable after project execution; - provide all necessary assistance to SMEs/mid-caps allowing successful exploitation of AM, including 3 competitive calls for experiments; - offer a comprehensive range of (at least 10) AM support services through an open source- and API-based digital marketplace structured as three Platforms (Technology, Business, and Skills and Education); - support and develop best in class AM data handling tools and approaches, on an open-source basis.; - coordinate the development of synergies with the already existing I4MS framework, Competence Centres, Digital Innovation Hubs and other related research and innovation activities at the European level. Through these activities, the following direct impacts are anticipated: - >50 SME/mid-cap application experiments - >150 SME/mid-cap business case evaluations and/or Application Experiments - >500 people trained through AMable approved courses - >2,000 SMEs/mid-caps reached through training, roadshow and exhibition events - specific support for EU-13 countries, with >5 centres supported and coached

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