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R3-PowerUP - 300mm Pilot Line for Smart Power and Power Discretes

43 mesi (2017 - 2021)
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Ricerca UE - JTI - ECSEL
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R3-POWERUP will push through the new generation of 300mm Pilot Line Facility for Smart Power technology in Europe. This will enable the European industry to set the world reference of innovative and competitive solutions for critical societal challenges, like Energy saving and CO2 Reduction (ref. to COP21 Agreement ), as well as Sustainable Environment through electric mobility and industrial power efficiency. ? Development and demonstration of a brand new 300mm advanced manufacturing facility addressing a multi-KET Pilot Line (i.e. Nanoelectronics, Nanotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing) ? Improvement in productivity and competitiveness of integrated IC solutions for smart power and power discrete technologies. The strategy of the project is the following: ? The Pilot Line will enable the realization of sub-100nm Smart Power processes, starting from the 90nm BCD10 process, taking profit from the advanced and peculiar equipments available only for 300mm wafer size. ? The availability of a 300mm full processing line will also exploit the portability to 300mm of the most critical and expensive process steps devoted to power discrete devices. ? The Pilot Line will build on Digital Factory and Industry 4.0 principles, enforcing a flexible, adaptive and reliable facility, in order to investigate also the synergy and economic feasibility of supporting both Smart Power and power discrete processes in the same manufacturing line. ? The application of such technologies will be a breakthrough enabler for Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction worldwide, in line with COP21s global action plan. The Pilot Line is based on three main pillars: 1. Market driven continuous innovation on smart-power and power discrete; 2. Industrial policy focused on high quality and mass productions cost optimization; 3. Set the ground for future wafer upgrade of More than Moore disruptive technologies (e.g. advanced MEMS manufacturing, now at 200mm)

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