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COMBlaser - Development of simulation tools for the analysis and design of single section comb semiconductor lasers based on nanostructured materials

24 mesi (2017)
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The COMBlaser project aims studying the basic physics and designing single section Fabry Perot Lasers (FP-Ls) to be used as comb sources at optical communication wavelengths or in the MidIR. For optical communication wavelengths we will consider Quantum Well, Quantum Dash and Quantum Dot active materials grown on InP or GaAs; for the MidIR range we will consider Quantum Cascade Lasers. Several experimental works have shown that some FP-Ls in these material systems can produce an output spectrum of phase locked longitudinal modes but a quantitative and comprehensive physical explanation of the phase locking mechanism is still missing. The project aims developing physical models and simulation tools for these devices and use them to explain and compare the self mode locking in these nanostructured lasers. Thanks to the developed tools, we will also provide guidelines for the design of FP comb lasers at 1.55µm and we will move first steps toward the design of this sources in a Silicon photonic platform. Simple comb lasers at telecom wavelengths are indeed of high interest for the industry as they could potentially replace the complicate DFBs array used up to now as WDM source in computer links in data centers.

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